Our specialty is custom design-building.  Being a custom-build construction company, most think custom is too expensive, which is not true at Oklahoma Canopies and Awnings (OKCA). We offer budget-friendly solutions to meet your design needs, and being custom allows for price flexibility.


At OKCA, we design, manufacture, and install all-weather protective covers. OKCA features both functionality and an eye-catching design. Our product coverings are engineered and created in our factory. These systems provide shelter for students, parents, employees, and customers, whether it is bright sunlight to offer shade or avoid rain, sleet, and snow. 


We produce four types of protective coverings with our walkway cover, overhead canopy, parking structure, and fabric-covered awning. OKCA uses top-quality aluminum, polycarbonate, or steel, excluding the fabric awing, made of cloth. If you have design questions and would like to talk with our estimating team, do not hesitate to call (918) 957-1400 or email us at


  • Building Entrance

  • Schools

  • Bus Stop

  • Churches

  • Hospital

  • StoreFront

  • Apartment Complex

  • Athletic Facilities

OKCA offers turnkey construction. A benefit for our customers is to ensure straight canopy posts by allowing our crew to pour the footings.  The footings are the foundation for the durability of any canopy. From the canopy footings to the complete install of your project, OKCA has you covered.

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For more information on the Oklahoma Canopy & Awnings Protective Cover products, check out the resources page on the menu for specifications, components, finishes, and colors.