Our Sun Control Devices regulate the sun's heat upon a building. These devices offer a strategic solution with cooling costs by preventing the direct transmission of light and warmth onto the building. Yet, allowing filtered natural light into the space. This product offers cost savings benefits for business owners while blocking out the bright sunlight for their customers.


Oklahoma Canopies and Awnings design, manufacture, and install louvered, airfoil, pergola, and vertical/horizontal blades or "fins." Each Sun Control Device has top-quality aluminum, polycarbonate, or steel. If you have design questions and would like to talk with our estimating team, do not hesitate to call (918) 957-1400 or email us at


  • Apartment Complex

  • Schools

  • Private Business

  • Hospital/Medical Building

  • Parking Garage

  • Restaurants

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For more information on the Oklahoma Canopy & Awnings Sun Control Device products, check out the Resources page on the menu for specifications, components, finishes, and colors.